Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gossip Girl Season 3

Ok. So the long wait has finally ended. Finaleeeh! I've seen it last night. It's so absof*ckinlutely awesome. I really can't can't over it.
  • Blair and Chuck are so cute! I love seeing them together. They make me laugh and melt my heart at the same time. The first part where Blair was yelling at the model made me chuckle. It's a major LOLZ! Really!
  • I can only describe Serena in one word. Sorry to say but the word is Fucker! She keeps on running away from Carter but in the end she still had sex with him.Oh well, I like her boobies though.
  • Nate is so handsome. Really! I envy Bree!
  • Jenny. This 16-year-old chick is getting hotter and hotter.
  • Vanessa, oh Vanessa. I still don't like her. Well, why can't she get over it?! She should accept that Dan's already rich. What the heck's wrong if Dan won't share everything? pfft! I guess I'll be seeing more of her in Season 3. I hate it!
I can't wait for their college life to finally start. Georgina's back and Hillary Duff will be with them soon. woot! Can't wait to see the 2nd episode (The Freshmen). Will watch it laterrzzz.


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